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The Importance of Immunizing Your Toddlers

The debate over immunization is growing, with more and more parents concerned about the possible dangers of immunizing their children. While there’s a lot of speculation about the possible repercussions of immunizations, the truth is that not immunizing your children can be much more costly and dangerous. (more…)

Diseases that You Can Get from Your Pet

Your pet may be your best buddy, but did you know you can get more than affection from your furry friend? Turns out, your pet can actually make you sick. Through zoonotic illnesses (diseases humans contract from animals) many infectious diseases spread from pets to their owners, according to WebMD. Relax, it is not all that common, but it does happen, and you can prevent it from happening to you and your prized pet. (more…)

How Ballet Can Help You and Your Health

Audrey Hepburn credited her stance and poise to her years of ballet training that she received in her younger years. Though she never became a professional ballerina, her training proved beneficial to her personally and professionally as an actress. In terms of physical conditioning, ballet ranks second only to soccer for building physical endurance, stamina, and flexibility. The following is an overview of the many benefits that come from learning ballet. (more…)

Staying Safe while Working with Wood

Woodworking can be a rewarding and fascinating hobby or vocation, yet people don’t realize how dangerous it can be. Perhaps it’s because woodworking is considered so old-fashioned compared to things like metalworking, but building things out of wood can be risky for a number of reasons. The tools that are used need to be kept sharp, and they can cut through a hand as easily as a piece of wood. Even the slivers and sawdust that come with the territory can be problematic for some people. (more…)

Preventing Tetanus while Working with Metals


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