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Top 10 Uses of Citronella Oil

People are starting to realize that in order to live a healthy life, it is important to use natural products. Avoiding strong chemicals in products is not always easy. Luckily, there are alternatives. Citronella is a natural substance that has many uses. Here are the top ten uses of citronella:

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1. Insect Repellent
This is the most common use, and it is even listed on the WebMd site. It can be applied directly to the skin alone or combined with other oils. Lemon grass is also a strong repellent. Many people are also familiar with burning citronella candles to keep bugs away.
2. Acne Treatment
Citronella is a natural anti-bacterial treatment. The leading cause of acne is bacteria. Citronella kills this bacteria, allowing for a healthier and clearer complexion. Mixing just a couple of drops of citronella oil to cool water is enough. Treat it like a rinse, dabbing it on affected areas.
3. Fever Reduction
A natural home remedy for fevers is the scent of citronella. It can be massaged into the arms, legs, and stomach to create a soothing scent. Aromatherapy can help people feel much more relaxed.
4. Deodorant
If you are looking for an all natural deodorant, citronella is perfect. Mix a drop of it with some coconut oil and apply the mixture to (more…)

Pick a Perfect Anti Aging Skin Care Product According To Your Skin

Anti aging and skin care products are so much famous among people of all ages. At the age of people increase the wrinkles, skin darkening, under eyes wrinkles shows. Due to the wrinkles, people want to remove or reduce it. For removing or reducing the wrinkles use the anti aging and skin care products. The products are effective in reducing the wrinkles and under eye wrinkles. But, sometimes human buy the products only after seeing the advertisements from televisions from the actors suggesting anti aging cream or lotion. They have to comprehend the issues confronted by their type of skin and then use skin stop wrinkle cream to fix those issues and not to improve them.

There are many aspects that choose the type of issues that your epidermis is likely to face. The quantity of oil created is one such factor. If a heap of oil is created, such epidermis will generate less amounts of facial lines and facial lines. However other factors like genetics and experience the sun also figure out how anti aging – vulnerable your epidermis is. Dry skin is affected with more facial lines and every person’s epidermis becomes drier as they age. This is one of the reasons why facial lines start showing as one ages. This anti (more…)

Diet & Acne: Finding the Relation

Acne Treatments at Le Cachet Skin Care NYCPeople of every age group, particularly youngsters are at a major risk of acne due to their unhealthy diet and failure to adopt a healthy skin care regimen. Surplus oil by sebaceous glands causes acne flare-ups. Although stress, heredity, hormonal changes and certain medications are said to be the leading causes of acne, diet also plays a crucial role in acne. Teenagers these days binge on pizzas, chocolates, chips and other junk foods that cause acne breakouts. Avoiding these foods and following a healthy diet will help fight acne easily. Here is your complete guide to fight acne through a healthy anti-acne diet.

  Omega 3 fatty acids

If you are desirous of gorgeous skin and want to get rid of pimples completely, you must include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Fatty fish like salmon must be included in your diet, if you are a non-vegetarian in order to keep acne at bay. Vegetarians can add flaxseeds and walnuts to diet for controlling acne.

  Selenium Rich Foods

A powerful antioxidant like selenium helps fight acne and keeps skin supple. Consume whole grain foods and nuts to minimize skin damage. Besides these foods, onion and garlic are good for fighting acne.


Annoyed with acne breakouts and want to get rid of them quickly? Think no more and include vitamins in your diet. Apart from giving you a clear, glowing skin, vitamins are acne-fighting foods that clear zits easily. The following vitamins must be included in your diet, if (more…)

5 Tips to Prepare Your Skin to Sunlight

This summer, do not take any risk by exposing your skin to the sun. Be careful by preparing in advance your skin. It’s worth it!

Summer Skin

Here are 5 tips to prepare your skin to the sun…

1) Maximum Hydration

  • No way to approach the summer with dry and brittle skin. So now, moisturize and nourish your skin. Moisturize your face especially which is constantly exposed to UV, wind and temperature variations. Remember to protect your neck like your face which is particularly exposed.
  • Offer your face some of special face cream.
  • As for your body, brush it every day and after showering, use a moisturizer and massage gently.
  • 2) Eat the sun

    The worst enemy of our skin is the sun. Indeed, the UV rays accelerate the skin aging. But against aging, we have a formidable asset: the antioxidants! Our body makes antioxidants, but the supply brings a lot starting with fruits and vegetables.

    Moreover, to polish your tan, choose fruits and vegetables, orange and yellow, which are rich in carotene and molecules that contribute to skin pigmentation. Otherwise, you will find other types of antioxidants by eating fish (more…)

    5 Sensitive Skin Care Tips

    Preventive Measures for Sensitive Skin Care

    Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is a protective barrier, that prevents germs, bacteria and other foreign substances from entering our bodies. As well as providing protection, it is a accessory to our general over all appearance. We all want to have smooth, glowing, healthy skin. But unfortunately, we all have some issues with our skin from time to time. Especially people with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be caused by many different things. Those things can come from our natural environment, products we may be using, or our bodies themselves.

    What can we do to help protect sensitive skin? Here are 5 tips for sensitive skin care.

    Keep skin clean and dry.

    Find a soap that is compatible for your skin type. If you have dry skin, find a soap that will clean, but not strip your essential oils from your skin. If you have excessively oily skin, find a soap that does not contain a lot of moisturizers, which could aggravate the oily (more…)