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Create Your Fitness Infographic


Have you ever wished you had a way to visualize your current health level and the fitness goals you want to reach? Plenty of people use infographics for general fitness information, such as this extensive one from Reddit about bulking up. It is a fun and effective way of presenting information for users.

Reddit Fitness Infographic

Recently, a new website launched that allows you to get your own completely customized. It is called Notch, and it works by linking up to FitBit and using the account data to give you a visual representation of your progress, goals and fitness level.

Signing Up For Notch


The sign up is really simple. On the front page it asks for your email address. From there it will take you to a small sign in page
with a block of text. You fill in the missing information, which reads out like an introduction. They ask for things like your name, your age, your zip code and what your friends say about you.

With that filled out, you are an official member. It will take you to another page, where you connect your FitBit account. If you don’t have one, it takes you to the sign up page for the other site.

Once everything is synced, you can select to have your infographic made. That can then be printed or saved. You can have as many made up as you like, along the way.

I have a friend who uses both FitBit and Notch, and she printed out all of her infographics and posts them in a binder. According to her, it is inspiring to see the progress she has made laid out so neatly and visually.

Using FitBit


Not many people have seemed to have heard of FitBit. But it is a pretty innovative product, that goes further than many of the fitness apps that people have been buying for their smartphones.

It uses a discreet, small electronic clip that offers 3-D imaging to track steps, calorie burning sleep patterns and more throughout the day and night. You can wear it easily under your clothes, so in captures everything from your workout to the walks up and down steps
at work.

Once you are done tracking, you use wireless uploading to put the data on the site. There, it makes up a data profile of your progress,
which can then be linked to Notch for an infographic. The service is free, though the device costs $99.99.


While you can get fitness trackers and pedometers as apps, I have never seen another program that turns the data into infographics. Not to mention the cool 3-D imaging you get with the FitBit. Just Notch itself is a really cool, not to mention useful, tool for improving your overall fitness, no matter what the level.

If you find yourself better informed and inspired by images, I would definitely recommend this program.


Anna is the self-improvement and health writer maintaining several blogs. Her newest one is http://www.weightlossherbs.org/.

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