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How Many Calories Does One Need?


Doctors use several equations to calculate how many calories a person should eat each day to maintain a stable weight. The most precise ones include height, weight, age, sex, activity level, and stressors like an injury or disease. The simplest way to estimate your daily target for calories is to multiply your weights in pounds by :-

* 12 if you are sedentary (little or no exercise)
* 13.5 if you are somewhat active (light exercise one to three days a week)
* 15.5 if you are moderately active (moderate exercise like brisk walking – you break into sweat – three to five days a week)
* 17 if you are highly active (vigorous exercise or sports six to seven days a week)
* 19 if you are highly active (daily vigorous exercise or sports and a physical job)

For example, a somewhat active person who weighs 45 pounds (66 Kg) needs about 1950 calories a day (145 times 13.5) to keep a steady weight.

To lose weight, start by reducing your intake by 250 calories per day. That’s one can of cola and two butter cookies, or 50 gms of potato chips. If you keep that up for a year, you could shed 20 pounds. Add in more exercise, and you could make it 30 pounds.

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