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How To Lose Weight In A Steam Room


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Steaming to Lose Weight?

Ever dream of having that that perfect body? Of course you have. It seems everyone on television and in the magazines wears a size zero! Have you ever considered steaming your way to a great body? Now, if you’re one of those individuals who hits the gym a few times a week, then you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed a relaxing steam shower. If you don’t get over to the gym, (naughty, naughty!), then perhaps you’ve been in the sauna at a spa. There is a reason these establishments have steam showers and saunas.

Of course, sweating in the steam shower opens up pores and releases toxins. However, did you know that a regular steam shower can actually assist you in losing weight? Here’s how. Thirty or forty minutes in a steam shower, two times a week, causes you to sweat away toxins and water weight. That’s all done without any heavy lifting! Sit down, lie down—do yoga. As you perspire, you are discharging fats and other toxins from your body.

Just relaxing, you ask? Actually, there’s more to relaxing than meets the eye. Under stress, our bodies create cortisol, which then holds on to fat. Steam not only dissipates stress, it also increases your circulation and raises your metabolism. So, cortisol is out, and burning calories faster is in.

But, getting to a steam shower on a regular basis is not always easy. Even if you do get to the gym as often as you should, you may not find enough time to enjoy the steam shower. And wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some steam two, three—even seven days a week? There is another option. Why not install one in your own home?

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A steam shower can actually be installed into your bathroom, or anyplace that you want one, as long as there is a source for water. (Personally, I wouldn’t put one in the living room, but, to each his own…). The most important consideration is the size of the area that you have available; that you have an avenue for ventilation; and that you have the kind of doors that seal shut properly (so no steam escapes to ruin walls and floors). You can order steam showers in many shapes and sizes, ready-made or custom. Also consider this: there are also sanitary considerations at some public baths. If you have your own, personal steam shower, this problem goes away.

Of course, a daily steam shower will not make all of your problems go away; it will just feel like they’re gone. Sensible eating, cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes, and some daily exercise is always important. Nonetheless, a good steam shower, two or three times weekly, will go a long way to support your weight loss, and good health.


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